Raven Cam at UT Texas


Raven – photo by H. Valey

In some parts of the US, Ravens are pretty ubiquitous.  Here in Austin their appearance is a bit more rare, but it seems I see more and more of them every year.  Austin is a bird friendly town and in that fashion the Austin UT campus has set up a couple of cool bird cams this spring.  The first one was the Peregrine Falcon cam on the University Texas Tower and now there is a Raven cam.  A nesting pair of Ravens has set up a nest outside of the Texas Advanced Computing Center on campus and you can watch them raise their chicks online while you’re at work. Pretty cool stuff!


2 thoughts on “Raven Cam at UT Texas

  1. Hi Heather, I was so delighted to stumble upon this when looking for more info on Blair Woods today. I love ravens, and have read a lot about them, but most of my experience with them has been in New Mexico. I live in south Austin, and had never seen ravens here until last year. Two or three times during the year I was startled to hear that familiar croak as one zoomed over my house. I’m thrilled that they seem to be moving into our area!
    Nice blog … thanks for doing it!
    Best wishes,


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